About Us

Pamela Guerra is the designer behind La Raison, a Miami based studio established in 2022. La Raison specializes in hand cast resin and 3D printed jewelry pieces. The concept for La Raison is Nostalgia inspired with a twist of water infused designs.
From product developer to independent designer, Pamela has turned her vision into reality. After mastering the technical side of brand building for other companies, she craved the freedom to express her own artistic voice. Thus, La Raison was born. La Raison translates roughly into “The Reason,” and it’s become the reason to move forward and make her ideas tangible. More than just a brand, it's a canvas for bold ideas and a commitment to crafting pieces that elevate everyday moments. La Raison will continue to be a channel for self-expression for Pamela, and a source of beautiful items for many to enjoy.